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How to Buy Non-Toxic Candles


The Importance of Buying Natural Candles

Over the years, more and more people have stopped buying candles because of all the toxic ingredients that so many candles contain. I personally love candles and had a hard time thinking giving them up. So, I started experimenting with different candle recipes and ingredients. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there are many natural candle options. However, I also found that there are a lot of hidden toxins in many candles. Here is a list of some of the common toxins found in candles and some natural alternatives.

Common Toxins in Candles

Over the years the years we have talked to more and more people that have decided to stop using candles because of the toxins that they can often contain. They are worried about the harmful bi-products that candles can emit into the air when burned. Unfortunately, their concern is not unfounded. Many candles do contain many harmful toxins that are dangerous to people and animals. We have listed some of the more common toxins found in many candle below. If your candles contain any of these ingredients, then the candles you are burning are bad for you.

Paraffin Wax
One of the most common toxins found in many candles is paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is a mixture of chemicals that are byproducts of the petroleum production process. Not only is it found in many candles but it also found in many beauty products. When burned paraffin wax will release many harmful chemicals into the air. Paraffin wax is the main culprit for large amounts of soot around the rim of candles. Or even worse soot on the ceiling of your home.

Synthetic Fragrances
Another culprit for candle toxins is fragrances. Many times the fragrances that are used to make candles contain a lot of dangerous chemicals. These chemicals make candles smell stronger. One of the worst chemicals that many fragrances contain is phthalates. Surprisingly, phthalates are used in many household. The CDC found that phthalates have been linked to many different health problems.

Lead Wicks
Lead wicks are not as common anymore. However, once in awhile we will still see a wick that is made with lead or another kind of toxic metal.

Natural Alternatives

Even though many candles contain toxic chemicals, it is possible to find candles that are natural and clean-burning. As a general rule-of-thumb, more expensive candles tend to be cleaner burning. However, I have seen some really expensive candles that still contain small amounts of paraffin wax. The best way to ensure that you are burning natural candles is to check the ingredients in the candles. I personally like to buy candles from smaller business because they are usually pretty open and transparent about the ingredients in their candles. Here are some key things to look for.

Natural Wax 

One of the most important things to look for in candles is that they are made 100% Natural Wax (like Soy or Bees Wax). We personally prefer soy wax. Not only is soy better for the environment because it is a natural resource but it also burns 50% longer than candles made with other waxes. Candles made with 100% soy wax also produce little to no black soot when burned. It is important to not that many candles will made with soy wax but are actually mixed with paraffin wax (which we covered above).  

Essential Oil Fragrances 

The most natural type of fragrances is essential oils. Buying candles scented with only essential oils is a great way to ensure that the fragrances in your candle are natural. It is important to note that candles scented with only essential oils have a much lighter fragrance throw.

Phthalate Free Fragrances

Another important thing to look for when purchasing candles is phthalate free fragrances. Even 100% essential oils are great, research has shown that certain essential oils will have little to no fragrance throw if used by themselves in candles. Thus, it is important to look for fragrances that are phthalate-free.


So in conclusion, even though many candles are bad for you health and environment, there are candles that are completely or almost completely natural. It is so important to take the time and look at the ingredients in the candles you buy. A high quality candle is definitely worth the investment. Here are a few of our favorites below.

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