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Our mission is to create simple & Sustainable
that inspire you create a home
filled with beauty, life, rest.


Acacia Accents is named after the unique and beautiful acacia tree. We believe that the acacia tree represents what our homes should embody. A place of beauty, life and rest. Because this tree is one of the only trees that grows in the desert, it provides a place of rest and refreshment. Additionally, because the acacia tree is able to store-up rain during the rainy season, it is able to survive during the dry season. When everything else starts to die, it is place of life and beauty. In a world that is crazy, stressful and demanding, we want to inspire people to create a home filled with beauty, life and rest.


  • We are committed to helping bring beauty into your home. 
  • We are committed to using sustainable practices
  • We are committed to making sustainable products
         (products that can be recycled and contain NO PLASTIC)
  • We are committed to using the safest and most pure ingredients
  • We are committed to supporting other small businesses 
         (that is why we value and small batch products)