30% off all orders with the code BLACKFRIDAY30 | 50% off orders over $150 with code BLACKFRIDAY50
30% off all orders with the code BLACKFRIDAY30 | 50% off orders over $150 with code BLACKFRIDAY50
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Butcher Block Countertops
Are you looking to update your kitchen but don't want to spend a fortune on countertops? We were in the same place when we moved into our first home. We knew that we would need to replace the countertops but we didn't want to spend our whole renovation budget on granite. As I researched cheaper countertop ideas, I came across butcher block countertops and fell in love with them. Not only do they have a modern look but they are super durable. It has been over a year since we installed them and we still love them. From our experience,...
How to Paint a Title Floor
When my husband and I first moved into our new home, one of the first renovation projects on the list was our kitchen floor. The tile was in good shape but the color was definitely and eye sore. My first thought was that we should rip all of the title out and replace it with new tile. However, as we looked at our long list of projects, we realized that we didn't really have the money or the time to replace all the tile. After some research, I found that quite a few people had successfully painted their tile. This idea...
Give Your Old Piano an Updated Look
A few years ago my mother-in-law asked if I wanted their old piano. I was super excited because not only did the piano have sentimental value but I knew that a piano can be great versatile piece of furniture if used right. Even though I don't play much anymore, I still love having a piano in the house. When we got our piano, we did a few things that helped to give it a more updated look that fit our house. Within a few hours and about $120 bucks, we had a beautiful refinished piano that has become one of...


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